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GVSHP's South Village Landmark Effort

For the past several years, GVSHP has been spearheading the effort to create a landmarked South Village historic district. Click here for more information about our efforts and what you can do to help protect this valuable facet of Italian-American heritage.

The Photography of Lewis Hine

Photograph by Lewis Hine.

Miriam Cohen's talk on March 17, 2009, Shifting Images: Changing Perceptions of Italian Immigrant Women, featured almost exclusively the photography of Lewis Hine. Hine was an American photographer, born in 1874, who eventually became the official photographer of the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC). Through his work with NCLC, Hine documented the growing problems with child labor in America, taking evocative and heart-breaking photos of children working long hours in extremely poor conditions.

Prior to his work with the NCLC, Hine took a photography class in New York City. During this class, he took a trip to Ellis Island and there documented thousands of immigrants as they entered the country. Miriam's talk used many of his photographs from both this period and his days with the NCLC.

If you're interested in learning more about Lewis Hine, check out the following resources:

The Library of Congress National Child Labor Committee Collection featuring many of Hine's photographs and further information on both the organization and Hine's work.

The New York Public Library's Lewis Hine holdings including his photography of the construction of the Empire State Building, some of his photographs of immigrants and his Ellis Island photographs.

Information about Hine and his work from the National Archives. Also at the National Archives, some of Hine's photographs of child labor.

Home :Events : Past Programs : "Shifting Images"

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