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Borough President To Vote Soon
on Waterfront Mega-Development,
Landmark & Zoning Protections for Neighborhood;
First of Two City Hearings August 24th –

Consideration of zoning changes and special permits for a huge development on the three-block St. John’s Terminal
site (Houston/Washington/West Streets), and for a framework to allow 1.5 million square feet of air rights from the Hudson River Park to be transferred to into waterfront blocks between 59th and Chambers Street, are moving ahead (details here). If approved as is, the plan would create huge development pressure on the nearby low-rise, historic, residential South Village, which lacks landmark protections, potentially allow a huge increase in development in Greenwich Village waterfront blocks, and generate huge amounts of traffic from the planned new St. John’s development that would permanently affect the surrounding West and South Village neighborhoods.

That is why GVSHP is demanding that unless changes are made to add strict landmark and zoning protections for the surrounding South and West Village neighborhoods, and the worst traffic-generating elements of the proposed development are eliminated, the approvals should be denied.

In late July, the Community Board passed a strong resolution incorporating these concerns and many others, and calling upon the City to make the changes we are demanding. The Borough President is the next step in the process, and she will be voting by August 17th. GVSHP has written to her, urging that she recommend denial of the approvals unless the changes and protections we are calling for are included.

After the Borough President’s vote, there will be a mere two public hearings on this enormously consequential proposal, which could change the landscape of the West Village and South Village forever.

The first public hearing will be at the City Planning Commission on August 24th, and it is IMPERATIVE that we have a strong turnout demanding rejection UNLESS the changes and protections we demand are included. Sometime this fall, the City Council will then vote, and will make the final decision on whether this plan is approved, disapproved, or amended.



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