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St. Vincent’s / Rudin Redevelopment Plans


Send a letter to City Council members urging them NOT to support the rezoning of the St. Vincent’s East Campus

Speaker Quinn’s response about the preservation of the Reiss Building 03/29/12

Letter to City Council Speaker Quinn about the preservation of the Reiss Building 03/14/12

GVSHP’s testimony in opposition to the propopsed rezoning of the St. Vincent’s east campus 03/06/12

GVSHP’s testimony on the scope of the draft environmental impact statement 06/28/11

Amicus brief regarding St. Vincent’s ‘hardship’ finding (GVSHP has signed on) 11/04/09

Amicus brief Executive Summary 11/04/09

GVSHP rationale statement for signing amicus brief 11/04/09

Response to Hardship Finding for St. Vincent’s 12/02/08

GVSHP Testimony to LPC Regarding Hardship Application 07/15/08

GVSHP Testimony to LPC 06/03/08

GVSHP Testimony to LPC 04/01/08

Letters and Testimony from Elected Officials

GVSHP Letter to St. Vincent’s President & CEO

Revised Plan Images 03/10/09

St. Vincent’s Hospital Campus Site Plan

360 degree animated views of plans

Triangle Park Redevelopment Proposal 09/07/11

Final Rudin Rezoning Application for St. Vincent’s Campus 08/19/11

Rudin Residential Development Proposal 06/08/11

St. Vincent’s Campus Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Notice 05/24/11

Draft Scope of Work 05/23/11

Environmental Assessment Statement 05/23/11

Scoping Protocol 05/23/11

St. Vincent’s draft scope of work for its draft environmental impact statement 11/06/09

Public notice of environmental assessment scoping meeting 11/06/09

St. Vincent’s Hospital environmental assessment statement 11/06/09

Dept. of City Planning protocol for environmental assessment public scoping meetings

Approved St. Vincent’s Hosptial Plan for O’Toole site 03/01/09

Rudin Development/East Campus Designs As Approved By LPC 07/07/09

Revised Hospital Application 12/08/08

East Campus Buildings—Proposal Comparisons

St. Vincent’s Hospital’s Hardship Application

Community Alternative Plan—St. Vincent’s Development Plan 01/18/08

Summary of the Community Alternative Plan

Results of the Community Survey on Redvelopment Plan

St. Vincent’s/Rudin Development Plans Comparisons



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Home : Preservation : St. Vincent’s

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