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GVSHP Reports

Picking Favorites:The 14th Street Tech Hub August 5, 2019
Finishing the Job: The Unprotected Architecture and History of Greenwich Village & the East Village below Union Square by Anthony W. Robins, March 2019
"A History of the East Village & Its Architecture" by Francis Morrone, January 2019

Saving Federal Houses (1790-1835), Updated 10/10/17

Expanding Boundaries, Preserving History, Celebrating All - How GVSHP is leading the effort to make preservation inclusive and celebrate the stories of immigrants, LGBTQ, Civil Rights activists, and more.

New Buildings Approved for Construction Within the Greenwich Village Historic District Since Designation, January 2017, Updated April 2019

Check the Facts and Consider the Source: Campaign CA$H and REBNY’s real record on affordable housing
, 04/02/2015

The History of 121 Charles Street
, 11/2014

Analysis of Pre-Designation Activities in New York City during the Bloomberg Administration
, 06/16/2014

Ten Years: A Thousand Buildings: One Hundred Blocks - A Decade of Progress on Landmark and Zoning Protections in the Village, East Village, and NoHo
, 10/16/2013
National Register of Historic Places Nomination for the South Village Historic District, 06/2013

Keeping in Character: A Look at the Impacts of Recent Community-Initiated Rezonings in the East Village 10/04/12

Too Big To Fit: Controversial Plan to Add 2.5 Million Square Feet of New Space In the Village Contradicts How University Growth Needs Are Being Addressed Across the Country, 04/25/12  

The MYTH of the 10-Minute Walk From Washington Square: How NYU’s Claim Its Facilities Must Be Concentrated in the Village Belies the Experience of Universities Across the Country
, 04/25/12  

Disappearing Before Our Eyes: How NYU Has Eliminated and Warehoused Faculty Housing Units in Washington Square village, Even As They Ask to Overturn Zoning Rules To Build More Faculty Housing
, 04/25/12

The Impacts of New York University’s Proposed Expansion in Greenwich Village - Economic and Environmental Analysis by Gambit Consulting
, 04/04/2012
The TRUTH About Open Space and The NYU 2031 Plan: Less Open Space, Less Sunlight, More Shadows, 02/23/2012
National Register of Historic Places Nomination for Westbeth, 09/2009
The Italians of the South Village by Mary Elizabeth Brown, 10/08/2007

The History of 101 Avenue A
, 09/2007

Webster Hall, 119 East 11th Street
, 08/08/2007

A connection between Edward Hopper's Early Sunday Morning and the buildings at 231-235 Bleecker / 15 Carmine Street
, 01/18/2007

The South Village: A Proposal For Historic District Designation, by Andrew Dolkart, 12/2006
The Far West Village and Greenwich Village Waterfront: A Proposal for Preservation to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, 09/2004

After the Kimmel Center: How Can we Better Plan to Protect Our Neighborhoods, Parks, and View Corridors?

The Case for Preservation: Gansevoort Market by Thomas Mellins, 10/24/01
National Register of Historic Places Nomination for Stonewall, 03/1999


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