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More Pressure for University Place/Broadway Rezoning

Last week 150 people rallied to call upon the City to finally move ahead with GVSHP’s proposed University Place/Broadway rezoning, to prevent more out-of-scale towers like the nearly 300 ft. tall condo tower planned for the Bowlmor Lanes site at University Place and 12th Street.  In addition to keeping all new development in the area in scale, our rezoning proposal would include mechanisms to encourage or require the creation or preservation of affordable housing as part of any new development.  Mayor de Blasio and City Planning Chair Weisbrod, who have thus far refused to support this rezoning, claim that creating and preserving affordable housing is their #1 priority, and that they care about preserving the character of neighborhoods.

In response, GVSHP crunched the numbers, and found that our rezoning plan would create or preserve up to 200,000 square feet of affordable housing, including 29,000 square feet on the Bowlmor site.  And yet the City is still refusing to move ahead, preferring instead to keep in place zoning rules which virtually guarantee that any new development here will be luxury high-rises, hotels, or dorms. 
Does the City actually care about affordable housing or maintaining the character of our neighborhoods, or just about upzoning schemes that which will vastly increase developer profits (see next two items)?


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Home : Advocacy : University Place-Broadway Rezoning/Bowlmor Tower : Latest News : 11/23/15

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