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Call Chin and Quinn, Tell Them NYU ‘Compromise’ Is Unacceptable

NYU 2031Tuesday, the City Council’s Land Use Committee voted nearly unanimously to approve a slightly modified version of NYU’s massive proposed Village expansion plan.  The modified plan, arrived at by Councilmember Chin and the office of Speaker Quinn, was called a “compromise” even though it gave NYU more than 80% of what they were seeking, sells off public land to the university, abrogates the terms under which NYU was given public land years ago, removes open space preservation requirements, and saddles a residential neighborhood with an upzoning, the Village’s tallest new building, and twenty years of construction.  Most Councilmembers who voted for the plan cited the support of Councilmember Chin, and her work with the Speaker’s office to arrive at the deal, as the reason for their supporting the plan.

The full Council will vote on the plan on July 25th in a meeting that begins at 1:30 pm – please circle that date and time on your calendar, as we will need you there (more information to follow).  IT IS CLEAR THAT AS LONG AS COUNCILMEMBER CHIN AND SPEAKER QUINN CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE PLAN, THE FULL COUNCIL WILL VOTE TO APPROVE IT.  If they do, GVSHP is working with NYU faculty opposed to the plan to review all recourses available to us, including legal ones.

That’s why it’s so important that you reach out to Speaker Quinn and Councilmember Chin’s office NOW to let them know that you do NOT believe that the plan is acceptable, and urge them to withdraw their support, tell their colleagues to vote it down, and send it back to the drawing board.  IT’S IMPORTANT THAT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS HEAR FROM THE PUBLIC TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT THEY THINK BEFORE THE FINAL VOTES ARE CAST.

Vote No on NYU 2031HOW TO HELP:

  • PLEASE CALL COUNCILMEMBER CHIN AND SPEAKER QUINN TODAY AND FRIDAY, AND URGE THEM TO WITHDRAW THEIR SUPPORT FOR THE NYU PLAN – Chin’s office can be reached at 212-587-3159 and 212-788-7259; the Speaker’s office can be reached at (212) 564-7757 and (212) 788-7210.

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Home : Preservation : NYU : Latest News : 07/19/12

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