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New York University


NYU-related Blog Posts

More about:
Silver Towers
Provincetown Playhouse & Apartments
East 12th Street dorm/former St. Ann’s Church

GVSHP’s perspective on potential NYU satellite campuses

Historic and Cultural Resources Chapter from the NYU 2031 Final Environmental Impact Statement, 2012

Appeals Court Final Decision in NYU Case 06/30/2015

Appeals Court Decision in NYU Case 10/14/14

Press release for lawsuit appeal rally 09/25/14

Letter from elected officials to NYU President John Sexton urging reconsideration of the univeristy’s expansion plan 01/24/14

Press Release from Plaintiffs in Lawsuit Against NYU 2031 Expansion Plan 01/24/14

NYS Supreme Court decision on park strips lawsuit 01/07/14

Letter to NYU President Sexton about Brittany Hall dormitory renovation 04/19/13

Letter to the Board of Standards & Appeals about NYU’s 730 Broadway variance application 01/09/13

GVSHP’s testimony to the Board of Standards & Appeals about 730 Broadway Variance Application 01/08/13

NYU 730 Broadway Zoning Variance Application 10/17/12

Article 78 Legal Challenge of Approvals for NYU Expansion Plan 09/24/12

City Council Approved NYU Restrictive Declaration 07/26/12

Letter to City Council urging them to vote ‘No’ on NYU 2031 07/23/12

Summary of City Council Changes to and Approval of NYU Plan 07/17/12

Letter from NYU President John Sexton to Council Member Margaret Chin 07/16/12

Letter to Council Member Margaret Chin from GVSHP & community groups about NYU Plan 07/11/12

GVSHP’s Testimony Against NYU’s Expansion Plan at the City Planning Commission Hearing 04/25/12

GVSHP, NYU Faculty, Students, Tenants, and Alumni & Lower Manhattan Community Leaders Call Upon Boro. Pres. Stringer to Hold Public Hearing & Vote ‘No’ on NYU Expansion Plan 03/21/12

Letter about the proposed timing of the City Council hearings on NYU’s ULURP application 03/13/12

Letter to Boro. Pres. Stringer recommending denial of NYU’s ULURP application 03/06/12

Letter to Boro. Pres. Stringer urging a public hearing for NYU ULURP 02/24/12

Statement of GVSHP against NYU expansion plan at Community Board 2 hearing 02/23/12

NYU’s zoning change application to the Department of City Planning (Warning: very large PDF) 12/05/11

NYU’s zoning change submission documents for the Department of City Planning 12/05/11

Letter to city officials about NYU’s “proposed changes” to expansion plan 09/16/11

Letter to city officials about NYU expansion in the Financial District 01/20/11

I.M. Pei’s objections to NYU’s 4th tower plan 11/10/10

GVSHP testimony to Community Board 2 on 4th tower plan 11/08/10

NYU filing to LPC for 4th tower on the Silver Towers site & additional renderings 10/07/10

Community Action Alliance on NYU 2031 letter to elected officials about NYU expansion Updated 09/1/10

CAAN2031 letter to elected officials about status of Mercer Street & LaGuardia Place green strips 08/26/10

GVSHP’s statement on the release of the NYU Community Task Force recommendations about the 2031 Plan 03/25/10

Letter to the Board of Standards & Appeals about NYU’s planned Spiritual Center 01/21/10

NYU agrees to “planning principles” for future growth 01/30/08

Letter to NYU about new development 12/16/05

GVSHP letters to elected officials about satellite campuses

Statement of Objections to the NYU expansion plan from GVSHP and NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan

NYU ‘Core’ Open Space Report via the Mercer Playground-Lower Manhattan Neighbors’ Organization and LaGuardia Corner Garden

Report on The Impacts of NYU’s Proposed Expansion in Greenwich Village from Gambit Consulting

Report on NYU’s Expansion Plan and Satellite Campus Development Across the Country

Report Comparing the Footprint of NYU’s Campus vs. Other Comparable Universities

Report About How NYU Has Eliminated and Warehoused Faculty Housing Units in Washington Square Village

Report on Open Space and the NYU 2031 Plan 02/23/12

Comparative Views of NYU’s Proposed Construction 12/22/11

NYU response to CB2 inquiries about superblock plans 11/03/11

Fact sheets on proposed superblock buildings and open space 11/03/11

Phasing of proposed superblock buildings 10/24/11

Updated 2031 plans from NYU 09/15/11

NYU Core Expansion Draft Scope of Work Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Notice 04/15/11

Environmental Assessment Statement 04/15/11

NYU 2031 plan overview 09/10/10

NYU 2031 land use proposal 09/10/10

Planning history of the superblock sites 09/10/10

NYU 2031 Plan & Details 04/13/10

Community Taskforce on NYU Development findings and recommendations 03/25/10

Past NYU construction compared to ‘NYU 2031’ projections for additional square footage 02/01/09

After the Kimmel Center: How Can We Plan to Protect Our Neighborhoods, Parks, and View Corridors? 09/06/02


Video discussion about NYU expansion plan on MNN 09/01/13

Video discussion about NYU expansion plan on MNN 09/01/12

Video report about CB2 NYU 2031 Vote 02/23/12

Rally and Public Hearing Calling on CB2 to Reject NYU 2031 Plan 02/23/12

Town hall on the future of the NYU 2031 plan 12/01/10

Rally against the NYU 2031 Plan video 11/07/10

Rally against the NYU 2031 Plan photos 11/07/10

Map of NYU facilities in the Village area 02/10/06

The ongoing expansion in the Village, NoHo, and East Village of New York University — the largest private university in the United States — remains a huge concern to GVSHP, and to many of our neighbors. NYU, which currently occupies about 100 buildings between 2nd and 6th Avenues in the Village, has built a dozen new high-rises in the area since the early 1980s, and has built or occupied all or part of more than 25 buildings during that time.

GVSHP believes that under current conditions, NYU will only continue to expand, and gradually take over more and more of these neighborhoods. And while we see our institutions of higher learning as an important element in the character of our neighborhoods, we do not believe that NYU should become their overwhelming or defining trait, as current conditions allow.

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