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City Council Vote TOMORROW As More History Faces Wrecking Ball

Development sites in the South Village

The City Council will meet tomorrow morning at 9:45 am to vote on the proposed Hudson Square rezoning.

We will find out if Speaker Quinn has secured a commitment from the City to landmark the South Village as they promised to four years ago, and protect it from the enormous development pressure the rezoning would otherwise impose upon it. If the City has refused, we’ll find out whether Speaker Quinn will disapprove the rezoning to protect the South Village, or approve it anyway and accelerate the South Village’s destruction.  

The South Village has lost numerous historic landmarks in recent years, but the rate of demolition and new development has rapidly increased in anticipation of the proposed Hudson Square rezoning.

In the latest destruction, GVSHP has discovered new plans to demolish the nearly two-hundred year old house at 54 MacDougal Street, a building connected to some of the most important figures in early American history, including Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, among many others (info and pictures HERE).

On an ironic note, the house was used in the 1997 film “Men In Black” for its authentic historic look; while 54 MacDougal Street may have survived space alien attacks in the film, it appears it may not survive the onslaught of development pressure from the Hudson Square rezoning and a lack of landmark protections.




  • Call Speaker Quinn’s office today at 212-564-7757 (212-788-7210 if you live outside of her district) and urge her to vote ‘NO’ on the Hudson Square Rezoning, unless she can secure a commitment from the City to landmark the South Village.  

  • Call Landmarks Preservation Commission Chair Robert Tierney and urge him to keep his promise to landmark the entire South Village before this historic neighborhood is destroyed! Call 212-669-7888 or 212-669-7934 (the Chair’s assistant).  Even if they say they won’t log your complaint and you must send it in writing, it is important to call!

E-mail both Speaker Quinn and Landmarks Chair Tierney to urge them to SAVE THE SOUTH VILLAGE — click HERE.

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Home : Preservation : South Village : Latest News : 03/06/13

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