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Ensuring SoHo/NoHo Don’t Become Another Upzoning Casualty 1/23/20
Big SoHo/NoHo Meeting This Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 6:30pm 1/13/20
Critical Meetings on Potential SoHo/NoHo Rezoning Jan. 8 + Jan. 15 1/6/20
Public Meeting on SoHo-NoHo Study Recommendations on January 8 12/12/19
SoHo/NoHo Study Released - Upzoning To Follow? 11/27/19
SoHo-NoHo ‘Preliminary Recommendations’ Revealed, Could Lead to Big Changes 6/14/19
City to Reveal Preliminary SoHo/NoHo Recommendations June 13 6/3/19
Big SoHo-NoHo Rezoning Meetings Next Wed. 4/10 & Thurs. 4/11 4/4/19
More Pushback on NoHo-SoHo Zoning Plan 3/26/19
Continuing the Fight to Save SoHo & NoHo – Next Public Meeting March 20 3/14/19
Community Groups Form Save SoHo-NoHo Coalition in Light of Rezoning Push - Support Us 3/6/19
NoHo-SoHo Rezoning Meeting Thursday Feb. 28 Starting at 6pm 2/24/19
NoHo/SoHo Rezoning Meeting This Wednesday, Feb. 6 at 6:15pm 2/4/19
Potential SoHo/NoHo Rezoning 1/14/19
Rezoning for Hotel Next to Merchant's House Rejected 9/20/18
Save the Merchant's House - Zoning Approvals for Hotel Next Door at City Council Sept. 17 9/20/18
Oppose the Zoning Change and Approvals for Hotel Next to the Merchant's House July 11 7/6/18
Protecting the Merchant’s House Museum 5/14/18
Save the Merchants House from Oversized Hotel Rezoning Plan Next Door 4/9/18
GVSHP Questions NoHo High-Rise Design; Landmarks Presses
  Pause 07/18/16
City Approves NYU Variance for 726-730 Broadway,
  Dismantling NoHo/SoHo Firewall Against NYU Expansion   05/08/13
Important Vote this Week about Hotel Next to Merchant’s
  House 03/11/13
Reminder: Hearing for Hotel Next to Merchant’s House 09/10/12
Hearing for 9-Story Hotel Next to Merchant’s House; Help Save
  Historic Museum 09/05/12
Proposed New Building at 27 East 4th Street Poses Danger to
  Merchant’s House Museum 06/13/12
New NoHo Building Proposal Could Threaten Merchant’s House
  Museum 06/05/12
Scaled-Down Puck Additions Approved 12/27/11
Puck Building Additions Still Not Approved 12/09/11
City Rejects Latest Proposal for Rooftop Additions on the Puck
  Building 11/21/11
Puck Building Penthouse Addition Rejected 10/26/11
City Council votes to uphold the NoHo Historic District Extension
  WITHOUT any carve-outs 09/05/08
LPC approves extension of the NoHo Historic District 08/08/08
LPC unanimously votes to designate the proposed 56-building
  extension of the NoHo Historic District 05/13/08
Proposed NoHo Historic District Extension 03/12/08
Possible NOHO Landmarks Expansion 11/19/07

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Home : Preservation : NoHo : Latest News

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