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Public Forum on Potential Amendment to the Hudson River Park Act Regarding Pier 40 Tuesday 5/23/19
White Horse Tavern Shuttered – Will City Act to Landmark? 5/3/19
Fight to Save the White Horse Gains Steam 3/26/19
Seeking Landmark Protections for the White Horse Tavern, 567 Hudson Street 3/14/19
New Developments Proposed at 272 West 10th Street and 38 West 8th Street 10/9/18
Protesting Skewed Images Behind Landmarks Approval for New Building at 358-544 Hudson Street 2/21/18
Securing the Future of West Village Houses 11/7/17
Awful Design for New Building at 14th & 8th (Which Could Have Been Worse!) 10/16/17
LPC Pushes Back on Proposed Hudson and Charles Design 07/31/17
Urge the LPC to Restore West Village Icon "Twin Peaks," 102 Bedford Street 07/31/17
Opposing Design for New Hudson & Charles Building on Tuesday July 25 07/20/17
Preserving West Village's Beloved 'Twin Peaks' 06/22/17
Public Hearings on Proposed New Building at 538 Hudson - 6/15 and 6/27 06/12/17
Public Hearing on Thursday, June 15th for Proposed Building at 538 Hudson 06/05/17
Report: St. Veronica's Church on Christopher to Close 05/25/17
New Building Proposed at Hudson and Charles Street 03/21/17
Jane Jacobs School 03/14/17
Landmarks Rejects Keller Hotel Addition 02/23/17
Landmarks Approves 145 Perry Street Design 02/08/17
Proposed New Building at Perry & Washington Gets Landmarks Review on Tuesday 02/02/17
New Six Story Building Planned at 156 Perry Street 10/04/16
Demolitions Planned on Perry, Barrow, and East 13th Streets 8/25/16
First of Two Public Hearings on August 24th - PLEASE WRITE AND ATTEND! 8/1/16
We Need You This THURSDAY Night - Save Our
  Neighborhood! 7/19/16
Plan to Super-Size 14th Street and 8th Avenue Development
  Defeated 7/18/16
Why Residents of the Far West Village Should Oppose the City's Rezoning Plans 12/11/15
Rezoning Matters; Townhouse or a Tower? 01/06/15
Protecting 121 Charles Street 07/17/14
St. Luke’s Proposal Shortened Slightly, Approved 05/14/14
Proposed St. Luke’s Tower Back at LPC 05/02/14
St. Luke’s Application Returns to the LPC 03/10/14
Update on St. Luke’s Tower and School Expansion Proposal
Application for Big Changes on St. Luke’s Block 01/30/14
Going After Landmarks Violations — Keller Hotel 01/16/14
Upcoming Development Proposal Shows Importance of
  Landmark and Zoning Protections 10/18/13
Op-Ed: Pier air rights may open a Pandora’s box of
  development 07/23/13
State Legislation Allows Transfer of Hudson River Park Pier
  Air Rights Inland for Development 07/12/13
City Continues to Dodge Far West Village Landmark
  Commitment 12/09/11
Back to the Drawing Board for 145 Perry Street 11/28/11
Calling on the LPC to Follow Through on Promised
  Landmark Protections in the Far West Village 11/21/11
Former Devoe Paint Factory landmarked 10/28/08
LPC to hold hearing on landmarking the former Devoe Paint Factory
LPC to consider landmark designation of the former Devoe
  Paint Factory 05/13/08
Request to rezone 5 blocks between Barrow & Clarkson St.
CB2’s Zoning Committee to vote on a developer-initiated
  proposal to rezone 5 blocks in the FWV 02/08/08
City votes unanimously to landmark 3 more sites in the FWV
Hearings for 3 more FWV landmarks 11/07/06
More FWV landmarking advances 09/29/06
FWV landmark districts unanimously approved! 05/02/06
FWV landmark hearing set as buildings face new threats 12/02/05
Huge turnout at landmarks hearing on FWV 10/19/05
FWV landmark hearing set for October 18th 10/12/05
FWV rezoning passed and enacted into law with no rollbacks
City Agrees to GVSHP Request to Speed Up FWV Landmark Proposals
Huge turnout at City’s Far West Village rezoning hearing 09/14/05
City announces it will release downzoning and landmark plans for
  FWV 05/17/05
Villagers hold rally and march demanding the City landmark and
  downzone Village waterfront 05/14/05
Plans filed by Related Co. for tallest tower along Greenwich Village
  waterfront 02/24/05
Villagers and preservationists demonstrate to save historic 1832
  house from demolition 12/23/04
Villagers present Mayor Bloomberg with giant holiday card
Village residents hold town hall meeting to push City for landmarking
Villagers rally on the steps of City Hall 05/23/04
GVSHP hails reversal of City ruling 04/20/04
Hundreds of Village residents turn out for rally and march to save the
  historic FWV from overdevelopment 04/18/04

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Home : Advocacy : Far West Village : Latest News

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